Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So Awesome Weather cliparts! Animated Cliparts! Plus Holiday Extravaganza Sale Info!

Hi, again! I forgot to mention about a really cool clipart pack I did two months ago, this pack is Awesome Weather! This pack contain weather cliparts like sun, cloudy, raining, lightning, tornado and snow. This is really great for decorating worksheets, powerpoints, bulletin boards and other activities.

The animated cliparts are even better. Just look at this preview.

 Imagine just using these for your projects. Remember to mention Toya's Studios when you use it for commercial uses, read term of use.

Holiday Extravaganza Sale!
Get ready for OCT 29, because it will the MOST AWESOME SALE! EVER! Sorry to be over dramatic, but it will be. The sale will be till NOV 1; get 20% on all holiday theme cliparts. This will be great to stock up on what you need. So please don't miss this event.

For updates, freebies and sales info checkout this blog. Thanks so much, see you next time. Bye!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Mid-Fall Everybody! New Products and This month Freebie!

Greetings! I hope everybody is having a wonderful fall term. Sorry, I couldn't really push a lot of cliparts for Back to School but I was already busy with others projects that needed to be done during that time. Don't worry I'm totally going to make it up to guys with new products and a upcoming sale.

New Products

(Freebie of the Month)

Autumn- Free Fall Theme Digital Paper

October's freebie is already out! Enjoy a nice Fall leaves pattern digital paper to be use any fall projects.

Autumn- Lined Writing Fall Theme Cliparts

Enjoy Autumn themed lined writing cliparts. These are really great if you want to make up your own writing projects, create a worksheet or decorate a bulletin board. Get these today and have fun!

Tracing Numbers and Shapes- Traceable, Dashed Numbers and Shapes

This clipart pack is fantastic, it's really great to use for worksheet and all sorts of math lesson activities. Each dashed number and shapes is a separate image file, easy to arrange anyway you want. Get these today and enjoy!

Tracing Alphabets- Traceable, Dashed Alphabets

This is another fantastic clipart pack, this is great to use for writing activities. Each dashed alphabet is a separate image file. Get these today and enjoy!

Upcoming Sale

Mark your calendars for Oct 29 for my first sale. "The Holiday Extravaganza" Sale will be a sale for all holiday theme products on the site plus new products like coloring activities, worksheets and games. Please check this blog for more info on the sale in a few days.

That is all for now. As always, for updates, sales and freebies please always check out this blog. Until next time, goodbye!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 4th of July, Everybody! July Free Cliparts of the Month!

Hi everyone! Fourth of July is soon on its way. So to celebrate I have posted this month's free cliparts which are 4 4th of july theme digital papers (backgrounds) and a frame. They can be use for any decorative need. Please check it out and download a copy for yourself.

Also I've posted the second clipart pack of Hello_Computer. This pack you will have to pay but it includes more digital papers, computers, characters and black outline cliparts. This pack can be really great for teachers that make worksheets. Please also check this out and buy a copy.


So that is all for now. More cliparts will be coming soon, so always check out my blog here to find the latest products, fun stuff, free monthly cliparts and more. See you next time!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Month's (June) New Freebie is Here!

Hey everybody, the new freebie for Toya's Studios this month is Computer cliparts. This free pack includes 4 cute computer cliparts and a computer pattern background. So please click the link and get your copy. Also, please read the Term of Use before using these cliparts. That's all for now, until next time.....bye.

Monday, June 2, 2014

End of the Year Awards! Horray!

Well the school year is just about wrapping up. Where I stay at I think they have a few more weeks left. For this occasion I decided to create awards. I just posted them today on Tpt.

This pack has over 11 awards. There are awards for A and AB honor roll, Clean Desk, Great Improvement, Art, Math, Science, Spelling, Reading, Perfect Attendance and Social Studies. These are great to give right before the last day.

I probably make more awards, not just for the end of the year but more for everyday events. So look out for that in about a week. Also, this month freebie will be coming soon in a few days. I will post here on my blog when its up. That's it for now, please always check this blog for the latest updates with Toya's Studios. Bye Bye..

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hi! I'm back and sorry for the wait.

Well I'm back from the last post which was from the last post (March). I just had a lot of projects just pile up on me. I just posted a new clipart collection from a request. The collection is French landmarks.

click here!

This collection contains landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, Hotel des Invalides, Eglise de la Madeleine, Pont du Gard, Notre Dame de Chartres, Mont Saint Michel, Paris Metro Station and Place Vendome. This could be great for anybody studying France. I had really fun making these landmarks. 

Now that I'm a little less busy, I'm working on making new cliparts. I will be making a lot of summer and fall theme cliparts. They will be coming within every 1 to 2 weeks so look out for them. Also, look out every month for a freebie. Every month I will try to make a free item, to thank you guys for visiting my Tpt site and purchasing my cliparts. Well I'm off to make great cliparts. Make sure to check back here for all updates, new cliparts and Sales with Toya's Studios. Goodbye!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updating the site and being on TpT!

Well, Hello everybody! I got some news, this blog will be remodeled with a new look. I really love this look but it's been 3 years so it needs a makeover. This blog will cover one of my favorite topics, Educational Design. For a couple of years I have designed  many learning resources for Pre-k - 2nd grade. I really like designing for education, it makes me happy to use my artistic skills to help children to learn. This blog won't cover really much on animation or my projects unless it education related. For all news of my other design and animation projects, you can check out my tumblr: www.toyastudios.tumblr.com.

Also, I have just became a member on a site called Teachers pay Teachers (TpT). This site is designed for teachers to sale many learning resources to other teachers. If you need worksheets, lesson plans, Power Point lessons, etc; this site has what you need. I sell clipart that can be use for teachers to help with their lesson plans. So far it's been great. You can check out my Tpt store at this link. I got a free St. Patrick's Day border pack you can download.

So I hope you will like the new look, my Tpt store and the many educational topics to be posted here. Thanks for visiting! See you later!!!