Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Mid-Fall Everybody! New Products and This month Freebie!

Greetings! I hope everybody is having a wonderful fall term. Sorry, I couldn't really push a lot of cliparts for Back to School but I was already busy with others projects that needed to be done during that time. Don't worry I'm totally going to make it up to guys with new products and a upcoming sale.

New Products

(Freebie of the Month)

Autumn- Free Fall Theme Digital Paper

October's freebie is already out! Enjoy a nice Fall leaves pattern digital paper to be use any fall projects.

Autumn- Lined Writing Fall Theme Cliparts

Enjoy Autumn themed lined writing cliparts. These are really great if you want to make up your own writing projects, create a worksheet or decorate a bulletin board. Get these today and have fun!

Tracing Numbers and Shapes- Traceable, Dashed Numbers and Shapes

This clipart pack is fantastic, it's really great to use for worksheet and all sorts of math lesson activities. Each dashed number and shapes is a separate image file, easy to arrange anyway you want. Get these today and enjoy!

Tracing Alphabets- Traceable, Dashed Alphabets

This is another fantastic clipart pack, this is great to use for writing activities. Each dashed alphabet is a separate image file. Get these today and enjoy!

Upcoming Sale

Mark your calendars for Oct 29 for my first sale. "The Holiday Extravaganza" Sale will be a sale for all holiday theme products on the site plus new products like coloring activities, worksheets and games. Please check this blog for more info on the sale in a few days.

That is all for now. As always, for updates, sales and freebies please always check out this blog. Until next time, goodbye!

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