Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Project: Educational Workbooks


Well, welcome everyone! I have been working on a lot of projects lately and my greatest ones is educational workbooks. I have been working on lesson books for kindergartens and first grades. Its really great, fun and are well learn lessons. Doing this project is like one my main missions for ToyaStudios. I want ToyaStudios to be for educating children. So to do this project was just great!
 Haunted Academy is now out. I’m so happy to have it finally release and everything. This workbook goes over the numbers 1-10. This is really suited for Kindergartens and First Graders. Also what a great lesson book for Halloween. I work on this project with my mother, who is a wonderful teacher. If you would like a copy you can get it at this web address ~ http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Haunted-Academy-Creepy-Numbers-1-10
I would really be happy for your support! As for Astro Cafe…..well. there still some things that need to be fix but it should be coming out real soon like next week. It will be on the same site as this one. So until next time, bye!